I am a web developer helping make the world a better place through JavaScript, Ruby, and UI design. I write about web development.

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What I do

I am an open-source contributor and I like making things that help people with their work. I am the author of pnpm, rscss, Devhints.io, Transit, js2coffee, Nprogress, Flatdoc, Mina, Backbone Patterns and many more.

I spoke in CSSConf Asia 2014, JSConf Asia 2013, managed the Manila.js community, and often spoke in conferences.

Latest posts

Issue 001: Rewrite that messy package.json Nov 2022 Web Builders Digest — Issue 1
A quickdive into Svelte Aug 2022 I've been learning Svelte. Here are my notes as I learned it!
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JavaScript in Rails 7 June 2022 Frontend in Rails will be very different from Rails 6.
Vitest review: is it better than Jest? Apr 2022 I've always reached out to Jest for any JavaScript testing, but I think it's time to rethink that.
Ruby interactors: a review Dec 2021 I've been playing with the Ruby community's interactor pattern and found a few issues.
Gotcha: Rails params aren't always strings Nov 2021 In Rails, if you assume params[:key] is always a string, you might be making your app insecure!
I built a wireless split keyboard Nov 2021 I recently built a compact split keyboard that works over Bluetooth.
TypeScript's Omit, explained June 2021 It will remove fields from a given object type. It's useful in making subsets of an object type.
Setting up Jest with ESM Apr 2021 Here are some different ways on how to set up Jest to support ES modules.

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